Sensors can be terrible sometimes

I had a Vw Passat 2liters petrol and one day at a traffic light my engine just stopped, I tried to restart the engine and after 5 times trying it started. Like half an hour later the same thing happened again, soon as I got home I took the car to a mechanic I know, explained the problem and left the car for him to fix, next day in the evening after work I went to pick it up, was a bit strange as the car was in the carpark exactly in the same spot and this is in a very busy carpark, however I asked how much he said £160, fine gave him the money and off I went. Day after car started all fine went to work no problem but coming back the same thing happened I phoned the guy and said to take the car back in so I did and left it there for another day, still no fix and £85 more to pay, my car stopped completely on a busy road 40 miles from my house, trying and trying to restart the engine I have used all the battery as well, called RAC they managed to start it and said that the oil is low and charged me £28.I phoned that mechanic and he said that he changed all the bad bits on my car but one which he ordered and will be with him in a day,(but never mentioned this before).So asked friends and one Lithuanian guy gave me the number for his mechanic, who said to go to his house and that he will take my car to the workshop next day, when got to his house took out a small diagnostic computer and plugged it into my car in 5 minutes told me what was wrong,(two sensors malfunctioning) the cost was £90 in total and didn’t have a problem for another 2 years when the same thing went, but also humans have the same problem twice. This mechanic only does German cars  he worked in an Audi centre for 5 years and running his own business in London for another 10 or so, if you need his phone no let me know he is the best.

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